3 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities to Know

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Security risks are everywhere, and even some of the biggest and most secure places on the Internet, like WordPress, have their own security flaws and weaknesses. Some of them are more serious, some of them are less serious. One thing that is common about all security risks and flaws is that you should steer away from them. In the least, you should learn about them, so you know what it is all about. In that way, you will be less exposed to the risk, and even if something happens, you might be better prepared to handle the situation. So, when it comes to the already mentioned WordPress, what are some of its biggest security risks and flaws?

1. One of the weaker spots in WordPress are the risks regarding the SQL Injections. As you probably know, WordPress is backed on such SQL databases, and they can be security vulnerability, because hackers know how to take advantage of the weak spots when it comes to them. When hackers attack through this way, they can damage the website in a number of ways, and obtain some information that they really should not have. They can even change some things about the website, and modify it in malicious ways. The best way to combat this vulnerability is by changing the access permissions of your website in the .htaccess file. By doing that, you can minimize the risk of being attacked this way.

2. Another thing where WordPress is a bit vulnerable is through one of the most common ways of hacking attacks, and that is simple brute force login hacks. Hackers break into your website, and then they have full control of it. A way to combat this is to use more complex passwords, which are not easy to guess. Also, the admin name should not be as simple as „admin“. Put something more coplex, and the hackers will have a tought time trying to figure out what it is, and eventually, they might give up in frustration, which is something you want.

3. One thing that is a vulnerable spot in WordPress, next to the ones we have mentioned above, is the fact that the prefixes on all tables in WP website start with the same sequences, and hackers know that. And the fact is that when a hacker knows the inner workings of your website, even a little thing such as this, it puts you at a risk. Hackers are very skillful, and they know what they are doing. If they want to find a way into breaking your website, they will take advantage of every little thing, so such a thing puts you at risk.

These three things are some of the security risks about WordPress. But, know that these things are by no means a big thing. WordPress is without a doubt the most popular CMS in the world, and that is not without a reason. Even though it has its security risks, every website does, and these things should not deter you from using WordPress. They should just teach you about how to be safer when you are using it.

TOP 5 features that iOS 10 borrowed from Android

The last presentation of Apple let us find out about the main details concerning the new version of the operating system for mobile devices. Surprisingly, but it seems now that the company from Cupertino is catching up.

As a part of the WWDC, Apple introduced a new version of the operating system for portable devices – iOS 10, which has already been dubbed as “the mother of all iOSs». However, it has borrowed some features from Andoird, which we would like to talk about. What’s more, we also suggest you check out the iPhone smart phone price, if you plan to get one.

The new UI of the lock screen

The lock screen in the new iOS gained the 3D Touch support, a new interface, and most importantly a fundamentally new scheme of work, which is already familiar to users of Android. For example, right now a swipe to the right sends a user to widgets. However, in the operating system from Google, this function has long been eliminated – probably because no one used it.

Raise to Wake – a continuouslyon display

A new feature for iOS, which should appear in the tenth version of the OS, is called Raise to Wake. It turns on a smartphone screen when you take it in your hands, eliminating the need to wake up a device using any buttons. It is a very useful feature for monitoring notifications, which has also been familiar to users of Android, since Lollipop.

Face Detection

The standard Photos app in the new version of iOS will learn how to recognize faces. Working on the same principle as Google Photos (now available on Android and iOS), Apple’s application will also identify objects in a picture, allowing you to search for a particular image. In addition, Apple Photos will use the new machine algorithms that will compile albums on their own. On the iPhone and iPad, users will be able to store photos on a server in source format without any restrictions.

The improved iMessage

This application is an example of almost the perfect messenger app. New features, such as extended capabilities with links, video sharing, a support for Emoji, a cancellation of messages, which have not been yet received by the addressee, and the handwritten messages support, give iMessage the opportunity to compete with any messenger apps. However, all of these newly features have already been announced by Google not to mention the third-party applications.

Uninstalling of standard applications

In iOS 10, the first beta testers have found the ability to remove some standard applications. Of course, iMessage and Phone cannot be removed. However, Notes, Mail and others can be completely erased from the firmware. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls: if a standard application is removed in the new iOS, it is impossible to set another app as default. Let us hope that the approach will change after the official release of the system this fall. Google recently also reduced the number of mandatory non-removable applications.

So this is our list of TOP 5 features of IOS 10 that Apple borrowed from Google. In addition, if you are looking for a replacement of your current smartphone, we recommend you use the Kijiji tool to check Samsung phone prices, Apple iPhone prices and more.

How kiosk helps in improving retail business?

If you are looking to expand any retail company or if you are looking to start a retail business, you must try retail kiosks. The benefit of retail kiosks is that they provide convenience to the customers and this help in the growth and expansion of a retail business. Using kiosks in the retail business is gaining huge popularity all around the world and the reason is that the competing companies are following the strategy of installing kiosks in order to increase revenue.

What Are The Benefits?

kiosk helps

Retail kiosks are the ones that provide number of benefits to the company that is looking to improve their retail revenue. Kiosks not only allow you to reach more number of customers, but they helps in increasing the revenue and also the number of sales opportunities. Installing kiosks in planned location or place along with catchy messages and discount offers have the capability to attract more and more customers and build an awesome brand identity. If you need one just go for OLEA kiosk designers.

  1. Improve customer buying experience

Kiosks helps the customers in providing with detailed information like composition, price, etc about the products and services that of the retail company. As we all know that kiosks are easy to operate by customers as per their needs, consumers also find it comfortable to reach a kiosk for any product or for any type of inquiries such as availability, product pricing, and other feature related information. The biggest benefit of kiosks is to help in saving the time and allow the customers to have trust on the company as it is using the latest and advanced technologies in order to improve the customer buying experience.

  1. Increase customer base

If you install kiosks at well planned locations, a retailer will be able to reach more and more customers without having any costly investment. This thing will help you in generating more amount of revenue. It will also improve the opportunity by expanding the number of customer base that increases the number of potential customers so that the retailer will be able to sell more products. Retail kiosks plays a very important role in the expansion of retail market the reason is that they provide a cost-effective method in order to expand the reach that will further help in increasing sales.

  1. Reduce the cost of business

Since you don’t have to invest money in brick and mortar these kiosks help a lot in saving money. They also have smaller size and so they generate less electricity bills. Since just one employee can manage it properly, you don’t have to give salary to multiple employees.

Importance of choosing purchasing private proxy servers

Anything that is free of cost will never provide the quality which it is intended to. When it comes to security we should be very careful. Whenever we use internet we are connected to various number of servers. By connecting to the various servers around the world we are susceptible to different forms of attacks like virus, worms, and data stealing and hacking. Both for individual and the company the data security is very important. No one is ready to accept the data loss. Especially when it comes to company, the data security is more important. The reputation and the quality of the company are preserved by hiding the quality data and information. Any threats are chances of data loss or hacking the personal information from the company is to be treated very carefully and as early as possible.

The only way to protect our data and information when we use internet is through proxy servers. Proxy servers provide the security we need to have over our computer and everything in it. Proxy servers protect both information stored physically on the computer and the information accessed over the internet. Especially we need to purchase private proxies to enhance the better security over the information we have been using and storing on our computer. The public proxies are servers open to all for free of cost provide no security because more number of people are connected with the server. It is always better to opt for private proxies. There is no chance of hacking and accessing our files and our personal information from our computer.

If you decide to choose private proxies then you can find multiple servers when you search on internet. There are list of private proxies listed that serves the best for you. The private proxies are available for both who handle light and heavy information. The light private proxy servers for home users and heavy private proxy servers for companies. When you purchase private proxies, you should look for the two main factors: speed and security. Because the sole purpose of using private proxy is speed and security, you should find the best private proxy server providers for reasonable price. The reliability of the proxy server depends upon the turnaround time of the server. The number of times the proxy runs for the users in regular intervals determines the availability and speed of the proxy server.

Necessarily you need private proxies to hide browsing various websites so that nobody should see it. Nowadays there are private proxy features like Google Chrome incognito, where the browsing history, cookies, passwords are not stored. More over our own privacy of using various websites and pages is not exposed at any cost. Usually public proxies gain your personal information like email address and other login credentials and sell the email addresses to scammers and earn money. These scammers fill our email inbox with spam emails. Sometimes this will result in phishing and advertisements annoyance. Hence it is always better to purchase private proxies and stay protected from all forms of security threats and attacks like spyware, malware and adware.

League of Legends Boosting: Pros and Cons You Should Keep In Mind

League of Legends is one of the best multiplayer online games you can find in today’s time. This is the primary reason why millions of young as well as expert gamers spend hours playing LOL on day to day basis. If you are new to the gaming world and want to make a significant growth in League of Legend universe, you need to follow a few very important points carefully, such as-

Boosting Is Legal, Not Mandatory

Boosting empowers you to clear initial levels even when you don’t have enough knowledge and skills. As soon as you buy a suitable boosting plan from a professional booster or boosting marketplace, you get a skilled LOL gamer playing on your behalf. He wins games for you and helps you advance to higher levels. As a young gaming enthusiast, you should understand the fact that boosting isn’t illegal; nobody will stop you from hiring any diamond booster. However, it’s up to you whether you want to execute it or not. Be wise.

Your Account Safety Is In Your Hands

On many occasions, it’s been seen that untrustworthy boosters have hacked gamers’ accounts and used them for their personal benefits. Make sure you don’t transact with any such booster ever. It’s very difficult to recognize someone’s intentions, so the best you can do is to hire a booster from a trustworthy platform. In addition to this, you can also check his past track record, user reviews and other details to assess his credibility. Remember, it’s up to you to ensure the safety and protection of your account.

Be Professional with Booster

You hire boosters to fulfill a particular objective, and it’s always good if you stick to that objective always. Try your best not to stop boosting process in the middle, as it will affect both you and the booster. Possibilities of your relation with the booster getting adversely affected can’t also be neglected in this case. So, if you expect professionalism from your booster, behave in the same manner with him.

These are some of the basic requirements, pros and cons that you need to keep in mind while opting for boosting services in League of Legend game. Find more details about it and plan your campaign accordingly.

5 Best Sony DSLR Cameras

In last few years, the master of flagships, Sony has made tremendous progress with its super cool product line. From Television and home cinema to smartphones and cameras, the Japanese giant has gone sky high with its power-packed devices. Though,these mind-bogglingbeautieshave a reputation of beingexpensive than normal, there’s still some glitz about Sony that makes all of us a big fanboy of its majestic range!

Well, with that being said, let’s take a look on top 5 DSLRs that are up for grabs from the Japanese conglomerate. Since Sony’s prolificAlpha series is extremely popular with professional and novice photographers, we have featured a curated list with entry levels and high-end players. All of them are really good, and can easily cater your professional and on-the-go photography needs. Have a look on the list of best Sony DSLR cameras to know their key features and pricing!

Sony Alpha A99V- Priced at INR 1,49,990

Sony Alpha A99V, the high-end player in company’s prolific SLT range packs a 24.3-megapixel full frame Exmor image sensor and BIONZ14-bit image processor. It delivers buttery smooth images with 19 and 102-point dual Autofocus system, and incorporates company’s proprietary Translucent Mirror Technology that directs light to the AF and image sensors continuously. The new Mirror technology bundled with this devicemakes a perfect replacement for the swinging mirror of SLRs, and complements the entire photography experience withhigh-level precision and detailing. As for videography, Alpha A99Vis a dream come true for professional movie-makers. It captures sharp movies in 35mm full-frame with an impressive full-HD resolution at 50 and 60 frames per second.In a nutshell, you’ll get a complete package with all major essentials and added good looks as well.

Sony Alpha A99V

Sony Alpha A77- Priced at INR 69,990

Yet another Alpha from Sony, the A77 is a monster of a DSLR for entry-level photographers! The superb SLTintegrates pro-grade featureswith innovative technology, and holds up a tempting price tag of just Rs. 70,000.Overall, we can say, this one isa solid performer as the 24.3-megapixel APS-C Sony Exmor sensorperforms swiftly with no shutter lags and theBIONZ XTM processor delivers high-resolution renders in all environments. Its rugged build with weather sealing and sassy dials adds further style to package, and the swivel-tilt-turn screenserves as an essential point of interest for film-makers. So, a perfect balance of performance and pricing makes Alpha A77 one of the best available options for entry-level photographers and film-makers. It’s currently available for purchase via online as well as offline channels.

Sony Alpha A77

Sony Alpha A68- Priced at INR 40,000

Sony Alpha A68 takes photography to a whole new level. The powerful SLT inherits a slew of pro-style features from A77 II, but the most interesting thing that Sony brags about is the new “4D Focus”. Yes, that’s right, this camera ships with 4D Focus system that endows superfluous Autofocus performance in all environments, whether in broad daylight or in a dark room.It packs a strong punch against popular mid-ranged SLRs, and captures fast moving subjects with subtle perfection.It’s 24-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with Translucent Mirror Technology stands out in the category, and delivers constant AF tracking up to 8 frames per second continuous shooting. So, this one boasts an ideal package with superb photography and videography capabilities!

Sony Apha A68

Sony Alpha A58- Priced at INR 33,990

Designed for entry-level photographers and amateur film-makers, Sony Alpha A58 boasts an ideal package with good looks and decent innards. This camera is not as powerful as most high-end players rolling in the market, but there’s a perfect mix of all essentials including a 20.1-megapixel Exmor APS-C sensor, full-HD video capturing, and fast and decisive autofocus.On whole, we feel, this SLT stands out from the crowd and offers a fair deal, especially at the price consumer-friendly price tag of Rs. 35,000.You can carry it around comfortably, and can make the most of its long-lasting battery backup!

Apart from a compromises on the build, the only downside of this superb budget-friendly camera is the lack of 1080p video capturing at 60fps. It will give you a decent film-making experience but not at the 60 frames per second!

Sony Alpha A58

Sony Alpha A57- Price around INR. 50,000

Sony Alpha A57 is real winner and an ideal snapper for on-the-go photographers. It’s one of the finest SLTs from Sony that incorporatetop-notch features, and provide a decent photography experience with a 16.1MP APC-C-sized sensor, 5-axis image stabilization and buttery smooth performance. TheA57 delivers punchy colours with fine details and works perfectly with the 18-55mm kit lens. To sum up, if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable DSLR in the entry-level category, this one with a range of exposure modes, versatile articulated screen, and good build quality, is a nice option to count on.

Sony Alpha A57

So, there goes our list of top 5 Sony DSLRs that are available in the entry-level and high-end market. All these cameras create an ideal ecosystem for seamless photography, and capture full-HD videos without snags or performance issues. Sony has always been a reliable performer in the camera department, and this list is a clear description of what the company is holding up in its arsenal. There’s more to come in next few months, but till then if you’re planning to embellish your photography or videographyskills with Sony, these are the finest options go for!

In addition to this, it also worth noting that Sony offers 2 years of warranty with each of these cameras. All of them fit in nicely with different lenses and ship with a bunch of additional accessories such as a SDHC Card, Power cord, Shoulder strap, Rechargeable Battery, Body cap, Accessory shoe cap, Eyepiece cup, and Micro USB cable. Plus, don’t’ forget to buy from Sony Authorized outlets to reap full warranty benefits from the company!

Omni-channel is more than online marketplaces

Retail across several channels is the latest way that retailers are expanding their audiences. Integrating with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other online marketplaces gives businesses ready-made storefronts with huge numbers of visitors. These are becoming vital for retailers who want to expand their reach without huge expense or time-commitment. However, an over-looked aspect of the multi-channel experience is the power of mobile. Often considered a way for users to buy from these standard channels, businesses neglect the power a user has to make a choice while in store, simply by searching for the product they are currently looking at.

Powerful comparison at the swipe of a screen

Naturally, mobile shopping relies on the customer looking at the business’s different channels, either through the app or through the browser. However, if your competitor is hitting page one of Google with their product page and offering a lower price, or faster delivery, or a certain colour or size, then they have a great chance of pulling the sale out from under you.

Ensuring your brand’s mobile experience is impeccable is an important factor in ensuring your business doesn’t lose a sale at the final hurdle. We’ve all found something we like in a store and decided to have a quick mobile search to ensure it is the best deal it can possibly be. The passive nature of most customers is that they won’t approach you to see if you can match or better the competitor’s deal, instead they will simply leave. It is vital that your products are the ones they find when they search online.

What can be done to counter this?

This trend means that the online and offline shopping experiences need to be cohesive. Too often a site will list a product at one price, then when the user heads to the physical store, they are told that it is an “online only special.” Does this mean that the customer will head back to the site and make the online purchase? Chances are they will buy it online, but not from the same store. The idea that online and offline are completely independent is becoming an archaic one. Some stores are becoming savvier.

Apple stores allow users to order the product they want through their phone, make the payment, and request service, while stood in the physical store. Other stores allow users to add products they see in store to a virtual wishlist that they can access next time they enter the store, or complete the purchase online when they get home. This type of cross platform convenience will become more important as phones get faster, NFC becomes standard, card and cashless payments mature, and mobile networks become faster and more accessible.

How Can Cloud Forms Help In Empowering Your Business?

Cloud mobile forms help in simplifying mobile data collection. They offer many other benefits and cannot be ignored in a fast-growing and fast-moving business environment with growing competition due to new tech enhancements and abilities. New cloud forms can help in moving conventional static paper forms to digital paperless environment, for data capture, maintaining history, updating and synchronizing content, and managing reports in a systematic manner.

It will help in eliminating manual data entry and paperwork, allowing your workforce to upload captured info instantly, minimize errors, and improve responsiveness and productivity.

Some of the man benefits of using cloud mobile forms include:

  • Replacing paper forms
  • Improving mobile worker responsiveness
  • Improving efficiency and creating streamlined business processes
  • Operating at and matching the speed of your business
  • Consolidating information exchange using smart devices
  • Ensuring better and informed business decisions
  • Reducing cost of operation
  • Raising response time in real time
  • Improving efficiency, collaboration and communication

The latest technology allows you empowering your teams for designing new forms instantly. You could also develop screens for different types of audiences by using multi-page wizards which are formatted for delivering across both mobile and web devices.

Simpler Cloud Form Designing

You can design forms and content type schemas and then put them on your site or hosted servers. Your forms will render and help in saving data back on servers. This will enable instant data capturing and reporting. Such systems also allow you to record all data entries. You could export the data from the cloud in to various formats like:

  • CSV
  • PDF
  • ZIP

Drag & Drop Designing

Latest technology allows you to use a drag and drop visual designing system for quickly assembling all the  schema documents for all types of content. Your content types can take advantage of the cloud in different forms including:

  • Features
  • Inheritance
  • Automatic workflow integration for approving lifecycle
  • Aspect oriented behavior

Data List Advantages

Latest cloud forms based systems allow you to capture responses from users onto your data lists. Using data lists will allow you to view all form entries in one place. You could then compare them row to row. You can also sort them based on individual fields. The data lists can also be exported to other programs like MS Excel.

Cloud mobile forms can help in reducing costs, improving your business’ agility and generate innovation.

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality With Reliable Data Analytics

What is the difference between great ideas and great successes? Great success also requires great strategies. Be it a business venture or research and development or mere analysis, the use of available data to determine the best way of achieving a goal is crucial to the success of any venture. Any points in course of a venture can be reached in infinitely possible ways. However, not all of them are simply achieved or are cost-efficient. Data analytics deals with the optimization of path depending on information obtained from sources of available data. Here are a few ways in which data analytics commonly influence decision making and productivity of corporate firms.

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality With Reliable Data Analytics

  1. Optimizing for Markets

The demand of a product or service is essential to estimate the profitability of a business venture. Furthermore, most products or services are usually commoner in one point or community as compared to another, more popular among one age group or another, and so on. If it is spotted beforehand who exactly your specific customer is, it is possible to design the product exclusively to cater to them, leading to greater success. A data analytics consultancy would call this kind of evaluation customer segmentation. It is done by analysing any number of details from records of customer purchases, Google search results, known users of similar products, data which is collected from third party sources, and so on.

  1. Web Analytics

This branch of data analysis deals with recording the internet usage statistics from specific IP addresses. The search keywords used by a user operating from a specific IP address is very crucial to determining the kind of products or services that they like to know more about or are interested in. This lets corporate firms suggest them advertisements that are tailored to their taste, making them more likely to make a purchase. At the moment, one of the most powerful sources of data for web analytics is Google Analytics. Proper analysis of user web statistics allows a business to flourish.

  1. Analysis of Risk

One of the most important functions of detailed data analysis is the analysis of risk. With every business venture comes the risk of failure. Once again, a data analytics consultancy can use data concerning the weak points in a system, such as the presence of competitors, future developments extrapolated from the known past, etc. to determine the chances of something failing. This gives the firm a good idea of their chances of succeeding in a specific direction and often leads to savings of millions of dollars.

  1. Industry Specific Analytics

Many forms of data analytics are specific to industries. For example, banks that lend loans like to do analyses of portfolios of people who apply for loans to estimate the likelihood of them failing to repay an installment. Software firms often have significant amounts of data concerning the ways in which the software that they produce is used, and this information is utilised to improve the software to its users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Some Advantages And Disadvantages

Since last few decades, Samsung is offering the world greatest featured Smartphones each year. The Galaxy Note series of Samsung has completely changed the original meaning of Android Smartphone by presenting top-notch phones to experience with its each release.

This time it is Galaxy Note 5 which conveys a colossal reform to the Note series. The initiate of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was actually appealing and it was officially launched by Samsung on August 13th in New York. After the huge success of its previous model Note 4, everyone is expecting to have some more great features with Note 5. However, Samsung has again tried to prove itself as the best phone provider and also gain much appreciation for this release. But somehow, there are some disadvantages of this model which disappoints many phone lovers. Let’s have a look on some Pros and Cons of Galaxy Note 5.

Note 5 pros:

Finest design and superiority: Since few years, Samsung is continuing to inventing great designed Smartphones. New designs and advanced specifications are two success pillars of Samsung phones ever and Galaxy Note 5 is the exemplar of its creativeness and ingenuity. Furthermore, Samsung has used best quality stuffs in the Note 5 which is making it extra attractive and remarkable.

Advanced S-Pen: S Pen is the trademark of galaxy series. Every time S-pen arrives with new features and this time some fresh twists are adjoined to the tasking of S-pen which is not only making it exclusive but an appeal to purchase Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Quick and Wireless Charging: Charging is always been a major problem for every Smartphone. With Note 5, Samsung is offering complete charge within 120 minutes with 3000 mAh battery which functions impeccably for a whole day. The fresh wireless charging is definitely a well-brought-up feature that is making Note 5 more justifiable to buy.

Great Camera: Samsung is always specialised for its camera quality and this time too. Galaxy Note 5 is empowered with the superior 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera which is making it best among Smartphones.

Glossy and best display: With Note 5 Samsung is presenting the next generation of display which makes the device really amazing to watch and experience. 1440 x 2560 pixels display and 5.7 inch screen are two main features of this Note flagship.

Note 5 cons:

Lack of Micro SD Card option: Note 5 is offering 32GB / 64GB memory but still for many people it is not just enough. Yes, everyone is expecting to spot the micro SD card slot in this flagship of Samsung. But is really disappoints many phone lovers.

No 128GB Storage Option: In Note 5, the version is just for 32GB and 64GB, when everyone is expecting 128GB storage option.

Non-detachable Battery:  Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has come with much stronger battery life and but on another hand; it is offering with the non-removable battery which has proved as a greatest con for it.

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