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3 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities to Know

The Internet can be a dangerous place. Security risks are everywhere, and even some of the biggest and most secure places on the Internet, like WordPress, have their own security flaws and weaknesses. Some of them are more serious, some of them are less serious. One thing that is common about all security risks and flaws is that you should steer away from them. In the least, you should learn about them, so you know what it is all about. In that way, you will be less exposed to the risk, and even if something happens, you might be better prepared to handle the situation. So, when it comes to the already mentioned WordPress, what are some of its biggest security risks and flaws?

1. One of the weaker spots in WordPress are the risks regarding the SQL Injections. As you probably know, WordPress is backed on such SQL databases, and they can be security vulnerability, because hackers know how to take advantage of the weak spots when it comes to them. When hackers attack through this way, they can damage the website in a number of ways, and obtain some information that they really should not have. They can even change some things about the website, and modify it in malicious ways. The best way to combat this vulnerability is by changing the access permissions of your website in the .htaccess file. By doing that, you can minimize the risk of being attacked this way.

2. Another thing where WordPress is a bit vulnerable is through one of the most common ways of hacking attacks, and that is simple brute force login hacks. Hackers break into your website, and then they have full control of it. A way to combat this is to use more complex passwords, which are not easy to guess. Also, the admin name should not be as simple as „admin“. Put something more coplex, and the hackers will have a tought time trying to figure out what it is, and eventually, they might give up in frustration, which is something you want.

3. One thing that is a vulnerable spot in WordPress, next to the ones we have mentioned above, is the fact that the prefixes on all tables in WP website start with the same sequences, and hackers know that. And the fact is that when a hacker knows the inner workings of your website, even a little thing such as this, it puts you at a risk. Hackers are very skillful, and they know what they are doing. If they want to find a way into breaking your website, they will take advantage of every little thing, so such a thing puts you at risk.

These three things are some of the security risks about WordPress. But, know that these things are by no means a big thing. WordPress is without a doubt the most popular CMS in the world, and that is not without a reason. Even though it has its security risks, every website does, and these things should not deter you from using WordPress. They should just teach you about how to be safer when you are using it.


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