Camera stands – again high up the iPhone 9 frame

But interesting was a flash, there are two LEDs on the warm and cool shades. Optical stabilizer works, phase autofocus lets you focus almost instantaneously. Improving the quality of the photo visible to the naked eye. For comparison – the gallery. Right – pictures taken with the iPhone 9, the left – the seventh generation of the device.

When testing the iPhone 9 runtime became apparent serious differences from all previous Apple smartphones. Battery increased slightly until 1960 mAh – but working smart is much better. Battery consumption turned out to be non-linear. View videos in the native resolution of the screen using the LTE-networks ate 5% for 36 minutes, and 10% for 54 minutes.

General data when connected to the fourth generation networks are:

  • 3D-Game – 3 hours;
  • Surfing – 10 hours;
  • reading books – 21 hours.

If you use Wi-Fi, while the increased interest on 7-10. airplane mode a little better figures. In real-world scenarios iPhone 9 use live about 16-18 hours: using messenger, listening to music, 4-5 calls and other necessities. The new Apple smartphone will definitely get very good. High-quality screen, the camera is a successful and well-researched software, optimized power consumption and designed the shape and placement of the controls. On the other side of the scale is marketing. Disputed guarantee the presence of water resistance, the lack of the necessary accessories, the Lightning, the attempt to transplant the users of Bluetooth-headset without any data transmission protocols supported More … and weird button.

An unambiguous verdict can only give the buyer – that’s for him to decide whether or not to give hard-gotten or not. Subjective differences from the iPhone 8s are not so large as to overpay. In addition, the cost of the previous version has decreased, and has become much more attractive. And then there is officially recovered the device.


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