Android Phones Provide The Most Options


Some ways in which Android offers more choices than its popular competitor, Apple’s iOS platform, including customisation and storage options and more phone choice.

Customisation, flexibility, and different styles give Android the edge

There are those who will always choose Android and there are those who will always choose Apple’s iOS, but some may consider changing from one platform to the other. If you’re in the latter category, then it could be worth bearing in mind the Android system likely offers more choices and options than if you were to go down the iPhone route.

You’ll be in good company; as of March 2017, Android is not only used by more than twice as many who use iOS, the platform is challenging Microsoft as the most used software for internet access.

Android v iOS

Apple’s iOS platform powers the iPhone and the iPad and isn’t used by any other manufacturer; it’s Apple’s bespoke system created for its own sole use.

Android, on the other hand, is a mobile platform developed by search giants Google and use by many smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Google themselves via the Nexus brand.

Straight away this gives you more options if you plump for Android in that it opens up many makes and types of smartphone not just the one or two models of iPhone available at any one time.

More phone choice

As a result, you can choose from phones that suit you more precisely than the iPhone might. Maybe screen quality is your priority? Maybe on board storage particularly matters? Maybe you like the ergonomics of a certain phone?

The multitude of Android phones offers you vastly more options than Apple’s iOS platform. There’s also a cost consideration; iPhones start at the higher end for a smartphone whereas you can buy some Android phones for far less – sometimes below £100 – if ultimate features are less important.

A more fully featured smartphone can be picked up used, so a cut-price phone from a popular maker like Samsung could be available; here’s a source where you can find cheap Galaxy phones.

Customisation options

Android used to be considered inferior in looks and style to iOS, but that’s no longer the case with a series of improvements in the design of the platform over time.

Where Android scores over iOS is in its flexibility; for example, you can change your home screen to display just a favourite photo or useful widgets instead of the default app icons. By contrast, with the iOS home screen, you can change the order of the icons and choose a different background but that’s about it.

Android offers a multitude of customisation options to make your smartphone uniquely yours and behave in exactly the way you want.


Many Android phones have expandable storage so you can inexpensively increase the standard amount you’ve got with memory cards. With the iPhone there’s no such facility; the storage you choose initially is what you have to make do with, and moving up the storage scale with a new iPhone isn’t cheap.

Integration with a PC

When you connect your Android phone to your computer, it behaves much like another hard drive and files of just about all types can be removed and added. It displays your data in a familiar file storage system just like the way your computer does.

With the iPhone, it has to be connected via the company’s iTunes media program and only music, photos and video can be added; no other file types. Indeed, music has to be loaded onto your iPhone via iTunes, too, whereas music added to your Android phone has no such limitations.

Battery replacement

The battery in an iPhone is fixed and cannot be replaced by the user, so if your battery starts playing up you have the hassle of returning it to Apple or taking it to a third party battery specialist. By contrast, most Android phones have a user replaceable battery.

Charging convenience

The iPhones from the 5 onwards require Apple’s ‘lightning’ cable to charge them whereas Android phones generally use a standard micro USB type. Also, the iPhone 7 does away with a 3.5mm headphone socket – time will tell if this proves a wise move or not.

Phone locking options

The iPhone only offers fingerprint recognition or number code to unlock the phone whereas Android provides more options such as password, patterns and face lock.


The Android platform provides better multitasking using multiple apps than the iPhone – and some Android interfaces (depending on which manufacturer’s smartphone you’re using) enable you to resize and move apps around the screen.

To change or not to change?

It’s easy to get into a comfort zone with a particular platform; many iPhone users have ‘got comfortable’ with them – especially if they use other Apple devices and find it easy to integrate everything – so may not have thought about trying Android.

If they do, the choice of phones and wider options may make switching platforms worth more than a passing thought when one considers the many benefits Android offers.

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Know more about the message spy software available online

iphone spy app

As per the report, the teenage person sends more than 3,000 SMS messages for every month. The parents of those teenage children may not know what they are texting up to and they may also not aware of the friends they were in contact. Up to this point, if a guardian needed to screen these messages of such children from the different messaging apps like the viber, they should ensure whether the messages are available or had been erased. If the messages were erased, they may not have any hope of knowing about the conversation between your child and the other person. in order to know about such messages, there had been a new route which screens out our children’s messages by just installing an app on their phone. This kind of app is available for all kinds of mobile phones.  One such app is the iphone spy app which gives the best service for you in retrieving the messages of the person you need.

The uplifting news is that currently there is now a route for the people screens their youngsters’ instant messages by utilizing an ease, and profoundly dependable instant message observing arrangement which spy viber messages software available on the internet very easily. SMS spy programming is a wireless application that is introduced specifically into a mobile phone that you need to screen. When you sign into your record, you’ll have admittance to every one of the messages sent/got on the telephone.  This sort of spy telephone programming is normally utilized by suspicious mates to peruse their accomplice’s instant messages to search for indications of treachery, or as a path for managers to keep up a log of worker to client instant message correspondence.

In any case, with the late blast of messaging, people are currently racing to buy SMS spy programming to screen the messages of the teenage people. SMS spy programming empowers folks to screen all approaching and active instant messages. People can read the whole messages, regardless of the fact that the messages are promptly erased in the wake of being perused. Notwithstanding the message substance, you additionally get the chance to see the time and date of when the message was sent either received, the heading of the message number, and the name related to the number in their mobile phone. The answer to the question what makes this kind of programming so prominent among people, is that they can get to the recorded instant messages from any web associated gadget that has a web program. This implies people can screen their children writings from home or work – with a few SMS spy programming having highlights that will ready people when certain watchwords are activated. Download the app from this website which gives you a direct link for the download. With the help of this website one can get to know about the messages sent or received to your children or the person whom you want to spy on.

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TOP 5 features that iOS 10 borrowed from Android


The last presentation of Apple let us find out about the main details concerning the new version of the operating system for mobile devices. Surprisingly, but it seems now that the company from Cupertino is catching up.

As a part of the WWDC, Apple introduced a new version of the operating system for portable devices – iOS 10, which has already been dubbed as “the mother of all iOSs». However, it has borrowed some features from Andoird, which we would like to talk about. What’s more, we also suggest you check out the iPhone smart phone price, if you plan to get one.

The new UI of the lock screen

The lock screen in the new iOS gained the 3D Touch support, a new interface, and most importantly a fundamentally new scheme of work, which is already familiar to users of Android. For example, right now a swipe to the right sends a user to widgets. However, in the operating system from Google, this function has long been eliminated – probably because no one used it.

Raise to Wake – a continuouslyon display

A new feature for iOS, which should appear in the tenth version of the OS, is called Raise to Wake. It turns on a smartphone screen when you take it in your hands, eliminating the need to wake up a device using any buttons. It is a very useful feature for monitoring notifications, which has also been familiar to users of Android, since Lollipop.

Face Detection

The standard Photos app in the new version of iOS will learn how to recognize faces. Working on the same principle as Google Photos (now available on Android and iOS), Apple’s application will also identify objects in a picture, allowing you to search for a particular image. In addition, Apple Photos will use the new machine algorithms that will compile albums on their own. On the iPhone and iPad, users will be able to store photos on a server in source format without any restrictions.

The improved iMessage

This application is an example of almost the perfect messenger app. New features, such as extended capabilities with links, video sharing, a support for Emoji, a cancellation of messages, which have not been yet received by the addressee, and the handwritten messages support, give iMessage the opportunity to compete with any messenger apps. However, all of these newly features have already been announced by Google not to mention the third-party applications.

Uninstalling of standard applications

In iOS 10, the first beta testers have found the ability to remove some standard applications. Of course, iMessage and Phone cannot be removed. However, Notes, Mail and others can be completely erased from the firmware. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls: if a standard application is removed in the new iOS, it is impossible to set another app as default. Let us hope that the approach will change after the official release of the system this fall. Google recently also reduced the number of mandatory non-removable applications.

So this is our list of TOP 5 features of IOS 10 that Apple borrowed from Google. In addition, if you are looking for a replacement of your current smartphone, we recommend you use the Kijiji tool to check Samsung phone prices, Apple iPhone prices and more.

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Spy on Android Device Using this Smartphone App


If you need to spy on someone, then you need to read this—a simple solution to spy on android devices with this smartphone app XNSPY. This app can be installed onto any smartphone or tablet that’s running on Android OS. There is a simple tweak to this. Let’s breakdown the whole process of smartphone spying.

First, you need a subscription for a spy app. You can use the aforementioned app or any other that you may like—just make sure it has some important features that we will discuss later.

Second, you need to install the app that you have chosen onto the smartphone that you want to spy on. For example, if want to know what your kids are up to, take their smartphone and manually install the app using the link that will be emailed to you upon the purchase of your subscription (we are explaining the installation and other details using XNSPY as a benchmark—other apps may have a different download and installation process)

Third, you need to access your online account of the app that you have installed on the target device. In the case of Xnspy, you can either use the online webpage control panel, or the Dashboard app that you can install onto your android device.

Fourth, Start spying—but that may also require you to first get affable with the control panel of the spy app. You can edit settings for features that you may want to use on the monitored device.

Features That You Should Look For

It’s necessary that your smartphone spying app have some vital features. We have chosen XNSPY for our discussion because it’s a complete spy app. Your app should have at least all of the following features:

  1. A Remote Control: your spy app should give you a remote access to the device you are spying on. For example, using xnspy, you can lock the target device or wipe data off it. It’s just as simple as picking up your phone.
  2. Remote screenshots: if you want to spy on someone with a proof, your spy app should be capable of taking a screenshot.
  3. Voice recording: another way to have an actual proof is by recording the surroundings of the spied person.
  4. Online activity tracking: the more social media apps that your app can spy on, the better it is. Xnspy helps you track Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, kik and iMessage. You can check for other apps too if you want tracking social media activity from Snapchat or Instagram.
  5. Phone logs tracking: It’s a basic feature that every spy app should have. Yours should be able track activity of calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history and phonebook at least.

Final Word

XNSPY has all the aforementioned features. The best thing about the app is its price. You can monitor for as low as $8.33/month. The app is reliable, effective and works with any android device running gingerbread 2.3 or higher.

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Great Tips For Android Phones Users

Great Tips For Android Phones Users

For people that have used the android phones, there have been many positive reviews and tips for android phones users. Most positive reviews came from the android phones features and applications. What people really liked was the accessibility of applications for their cell phone being available for instant download on android marketplace. Android applications made it possible for users to simply use their cell phone instead of a personal computer because there are some applications available on the online marketplace that can perform the same tasks as a personal computer. Overall, android phoneshas limited the need for laptops because users are able to access the internet and perform others functions a computer may be able to do.

little tips for android phones users When using an android phones, there are a few steps you should follow to expand your internet experience. By applying your finger to the back button, you are able to retrieve the history of pages you have previously viewed. You can also make the pages you view more viewable by tapping on the screen to make the website larger. This figure can also be achieved by simply pressing down on the screen with two fingers to zoom in on websites and pictures you may have saved in your phone. Following this tips for android phones user can make navigating easier and more proficient for android phones user.
If you need to copy a text into android phones in the internet browser, this task can be utilized by holding and selecting a copied text from the popup menu. For android phones users of the latest version of Android, there will be two select marks on your android phones that will require the user to tap and hold. Then the marks can be selected and dragged to your desired text. Afterwards, there will be three icons displayed, and the user will select the pages icon that will copy the text when selected. Also, there will be green arrows that will give a user the ability to share their texts. There is also a magnifying feature that will allow users to use Wikipedia to look up a selected text. This feature is also a great tool in looking up the definition of words you may not know the meaning for. Ultimately, there are many features on android phones that make them so great, and they can serve as an alternative for a computer if used the right way. always be read android phones magazine or news for find little tips for android phones users.

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