How Android Pie Could Change the Way You Use Your Phone

Google has introduced the Android Pie, the latest operating system for mobile phones running Google has introduced the Android Pie, the latest operating system for mobile phones running across the globe. Through it, Google has made clear that its future will rely on developing the artificial intelligence based app. You can broadly see its implementation in Android Pie through the features such as battery consumption and adaptive features like in brightness etc.

Google has been working on the digital assistant for providing accurate answers to queries made by people. This little assistance has now seen in the form of its update in-app actions. If you are in flow with these new features, you can join the Online Android Development Course which offers the brief knowledge to master its architecture and develop a hassle-free application.

Let’s discuss the new features and service introduced in the Android Pie and how they are directing towards a hands-free environment:

Smarter Settings:

The Android P provides the ability to learn how someone adjusts their mobile phone settings such as brightness and other applications. It boosts the battery life and overall performance of the operating system. Let’s understand the scenario with an example. Suppose you open the Music application for a very limited time in a week, Android P will neglect the resource requests such as refresh queue request from Music application and distribute the power to the most useful application.

Digital well-being:

In Android P, Google has introduced tools which are subjected to provide user’s information such as how someone is using their mobile phone. It includes the feature like:

  • Do Not Disturb: It has improved DnD by allowing silence to notification sounds and other visual interruptions.
  • App Dashboard: It presents a daily view of the total time spent on the cell phone. How frequently you opened the other apps and total received notifications.
  • Wind Down: It allows you to set everyday schedule to make your cell phone ready for bed.
  • App Timers: Here, one can set daily timing limits for an application. Once the limit will exceed, the app will get paused.

Smart App Suggestions:

The Android device’s bid to understand more about you. In a few time, Android P will learn about the most common steps you take with a particular application, contacts. It shows the shortcuts for quick task accomplishment. For example, if you call a person at a specific time on a day, application actions will present the shortcuts to call the person from the app drawer.

Enhancement in Screenshot Feature:

In the latest Android Pie, a few more features are added to the screenshot service. Once you are finished with taking a screenshot, you’ll be provided with options to annotate it, even you can directly share it from here without the support of any third party application.

App Slice:

Android Pie has introduced a new feature known as Slice. It provides the preview of an application. Suppose you type something like “travel”, it’ll return the cost and time estimate for your travel without opening the application. Here, the primary focus of Google is to quickly get into the application without surfing multiple pages of an app.

New Navigation:

Currently, most of the Android phones have three touch buttons at the bottom of the display for the purpose of interface navigation. With the power of Android P, a user can use only a single button for allowing the new gesture navigation. Here the home button will now be used as a place to view the recent apps. You can easily switch apps here.


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