How to choose a gas heater?

If you want to make the best decision, you must take into account a number of fundamental aspects when choosing Bajaj water heater.


First of all, it is necessary that you have a gas installation. Otherwise, and if you do not want to do this installation, forget about the Usha water heater and install an electric boiler!

If you have gas installation, the next step is to choose a model that fits the type of fuel in your home: natural gas, butane gas or propane gas.

Compatibility with solar thermal energy systems

If the supply of sanitary hot water in your home is done through solar panels, you must ensure that the heater is suitable for this type of installation.

Minimum operating flow

Did you know that gas heaters need a minimum flow of water in order to work? In the case of heaters, that minimum water flow is between 1.5 litters and 2.5 litters of water per minute, depending on the model.

What are your hot water needs?

Gas heaters can produce between 5 and 17 litters of hot water per minute. If you want to make sure that the supply is adapted to your real needs, you must take into account the hot water points in your home, that is, how many toilets, showers or sinks there are, as well as how many you are going to use at the same time and the distance to the heater.

Depending on the capacity of the heater, you can use hot water at one or two points simultaneously. Gas heaters are divided into two types, depending on their combustion chamber:

Waterproof heaters

They are so named because combustion occurs in a zone of the heater that is sealed to the room in which it is located. To carry out the combustion, they do not need to extract the air from the place where they are installed, but they capture the oxygen from the outside through a pipe or chimney with a fan. And once the combustion is done, they expel the resulting smoke to the outside, by means of the same fan.

Atmospheric heaters

These heaters capture oxygen from the same room where they are located and can have two different evacuation systems:

Forced shooting

They have an integrated fan, such as tobacconists, which guarantees a correct evacuation of the burned gases to the outside of the house, collecting the oxygen necessary for the combustion of the room where they are installed. In order for this fan to start up, it needs to be plugged into the mains.

Shot Natural

These heaters take the necessary oxygen and expel the burned gases naturally, without fan. Therefore, they need optimum evacuation conditions: the gas outlet ducts must respect the regulations in force and the regulatory distances.

Type of technology: with or without modulation system

Another aspect to consider is whether the heater is modulating or not. The heaters with modulation system offer an energy saving of 20% since they can modulate the power of the flame through the gas flow. In this way, they are able to heat the water to the desired temperature and without the need to mix it with cold water, so they also save a lot of water.


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