How To Get Best Deals On Your Old-Phones

Do you want to sell-off your broken or old phones at a great price? Well, now you can earn money by selling-off your old-phones to Fone Wizard. The company basically deals in purchasing old, broken or damaged phones so that they can be recycled well.

Recycled or refurbished phones can be reused properly and in this way unwanted wastage can be eliminated. To be more precise, this company is concerned in making the perfect or optimum utilization of the mobile-phones. You can visit the official-site in order to check the brands that the company deals with.

If your phone belongs to any of the mentioned brands then you can surely go ahead and contact the company without keeping any confusion in mind. The company representatives are fully trained and they maintain an outstanding communication with their customers. They explain the complete process so that the customers can be directed in a right direction.

Recycling of electronic-wastes is a great deal and this challenging ting can be efficiently handled only by this company.

Why choosing this phone-recycling concern?

  • Fone Wizard does not charge you any hidden-fee rather you will exactly get your quoted phone-price from the concern.
  • Within almost two-hours of selling you will receive your selling-amount in your mentioned bank-account. It would be a bank-transfer payment from the company’s side. As soon as the concern receives your phone, they will process the money. This same-day processing of money is really quite an interesting deal for phone-sellers.
  • Free-postage is being received for making the process speed-up. The forms can also be printed from your home only.
  • They are highly concerned in preserving customer-data in a secured manner. In fact, protective data-preservation is one of their greatest specialties for which they have gained fame in the market. They use a specialized data-deletion tool for protecting your details. Data-deletion form is being filled-up and you will receive everything on your personal email id.
  • They maintain their personalized phone-repair department where all sorts of damaged-phones are being treated. This department deals with thorough recycling of old-phones so that they can be reused again.
  • They cater free-return facility to their customers. If for any particular reason, phone cannot be recycled or reused then they make necessary arrangement for making it returned to the concerned customers without charging a single penny.
  • They use the best recycling techniques as a result of which resources are being utilized fully without leaving back any wastage. In this way, nature-protection is also being preserved efficiently.
  • They provide amazing customer-service so that the client-queries can be handled with care. If you have any questions then you can surely come up with all of them and in no time you will receive satisfactory answers of those questions.

If you go through the available reviews, then you will come to know that customers who have already dealt with Fone Wizard are pretty satisfied with their services. Some of them have personally recommended the name so that prospective customers can get encouraged.


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