How to Increase Number of Downloads on Your Apps

When you are developing apps, one of the things that you can never influence is the number of downloads your apps will get. You can try to give them more visibility, but without an initial high number and positive reviews, potential users might be hesitant to give it a shot.

So, you need a way to promote your app, get more downloads, and then when your app starts to generate momentum, you can rest easy. In the following article, we will discuss some of the tactics for  increasing the number of app downloads. Also, it would be wise to fill your channel with numerous apps, so that both the users and the store can clearly see that your channel is active.

Reach out to influencers

The first thing, and the best thing you can do for instant results is to ask someone who has a valued opinion online to recommend your app to users. Of course, you need to have a really good app for this to work, because you should not recommend something you’ve made in a rush, simply to serve as an interesting filler on your channel.

On the other hand, when it come to apps that you have invested a lot hours and manpower into, you need to make sure they get the exposure they deserve. Influencers can give you this initial spike in downloads that will ensure your app appears on the homepage of the store, as a trending item.

They can feature your app in their blog post, or vlog on YouTube, they will review it, give their honest opinion, and that is how this process works. It’s always better to go with an honest review, since nobody believes in the existence of a perfect app.

Make a website

You can also create a website, if you do not have one. Here you can feature all the apps your company creates, and give a more insightful descriptions of them, and also suggest to people how they can use them.

Furthermore, you can have a blog section on your website, where you can create app-related written content and have links that lead to the apps on your channel. With a blog, you can also increase the visibility of your website, and if your apps are featured on it, then you increase their visibility as well.

Furthermore, with the correct use of keywords you can optimize your site’s ranking and you can use these keywords in your app description to increase their visibility on the store, but you probably already use this method. You can use Google Analytics to discover keywords and their ranking difficulty, so go for those that are strong, but have lower ranking difficulty, since they are safe bet.


Your site and your apps can both use SEO; this way they will be optimized to appear more frequently for particular search queries. So, when you are creating an app, it would be wise to have an SEO agency help you out with a name and with tags for the app.

To find a reliable agency, you can visit this link right here: and see how SEO companies are ranked based on customer reviews. You can discover reliable people for collaboration, who will evaluate your current work in terms of optimization, and set you up with a new strategy for increasing visibility. SEO is a really tiresome and ongoing job, so it is always better to outsource it.

Social network marketing

Finally, you can share your apps on social networks and ask friends and family to do this for you. It is good to get the first downloads going. You should share from your profiles and from your company’s page.

Moreover, for top quality apps, you can acquire social networks advertising services and makes sure your app post becomes a sponsored post that will appear in many feeds. Also look for groups with apps, and see if they want to feature your app for their users.

So, these are some of the most basic tactics for app advertising that you should know, if you are just starting your first channel. It will be difficult at the beginning, but after some time, things will get significantly better. Remember to create quality apps, and to advertise them properly and efficiently like it was described here.


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