How to make a professional iOS chart presentation?

We all know that presentations full of data are horrible. From a viewer perspective, they are hard to read and understand, and from a presenter perspective, they are hard to manage. You have to spend too much time to collect all the data and find reliable sources. They often result in creating a presentation without having feedback from the audience and a waste of time for everyone. We should all value our time so here you have a few tips to present your data through iOS charts and not only like a pro.

Make your important data memorable. Use visualization techniques to highlight the data that your audience should remember. Use a different colour in your chart or change a few shapes to be sure that your chart will pop in your audience’s minds. You have to find out something that stands out. A percentage that is totally different than the others. A huge raise above the average at some point. Or just some data that doesn’t fit in. This will make your presentation memorable.

Share your data slowly. Don’t fill up the screens of your audience with meaningless charts. Show only one at a time and be sure that you include everything they should need to know without overdoing it. The way you present your data can influence the feedback you are getting, so make sure that you take your time to prepare yourself and your presentation. Keep people engaged by using different visuals, vibrant colors and easy to read fonts.You should be pay more attention to this things espacially when you are working with iOS charts.

Spend more time when choosing your color palette. People love visuals so if you have some nice colors that fit well together they will be more likely to focus on your presentation. There are a lot of different charts you can use for your data so make sure that you always pick the right one. Keep in mind the needs of your audience and make decisions accordingly.

Tell a great story. Be sure that you aren’t just presenting some data without any context. People love great stories so you should take that as an advantage. Don’t just throw some facts on the screen, bring something in the background that your audience can relate to. Share the meaning of the facts you are giving and try to make your audience feel an emotion.

Now you have some things to keep in mind when you are creating a chart. Remember these tips and try to use them as often as possible. If you feel like you need a real professional opinion visit . SciChart is a charting library specialised in high-performance iOS charts so if you need any help about charts you should definitely visit their website.


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