How to select from multiple printers in Windows

In the modern world, everything requires proper documentation. People like to keep hard copies of some sensitive data. For getting the hard copies of such data people take a print out of it. At times it happens that your document gets sent to a wrong printer for printing. On arriving at the wrong printer, the data print out gets distorted and looks unpleasant. You can avoid such problems by following some simple yet handy steps mentioned below.

Step 1:

On providing the print command, you will see an add printer or default printer window option. Check mark the box beside this option and follow the further steps.

Step 2:

Windows 7 users are required to click start and go to devices and printers.

Windows XP user click start and go to printers and fax option.

By clicking the option mentioned above, you will see a list of printers. Right click on the printer which you would like to be the default one.

Step 3:

When you find the desired printer, right click on it. After giving a right click, click on set as default printer option. After clicking on that, make sure your desired printer reads “default”.

In corporate offices, there are many printers connected, and there are various methods to ensure that the printing job goes to the desired printer. In the corporate offices, one can follow some simple steps as mentioned below to ensure correct printer selection.

[1] Keep a list of networks you use in front of your desk and write the name of the assigned printer in front of the network. In any case, if you do not remember all the network and printer names, go to start menu and click on devices and printers. In that menu will be the list of all the printers on the network. Now you can again follow the procedure and write network and printer names for making a list.

[2] After making a list successfully return to the devices and printer menu. Click on the printer name displayed first, and you will find a drop-down menu consisting of several options. Select the option which says “Manage default printers”.

[3] On clicking the “Manage default printers” option you will find a list which has an icon alike radio button beside each name. Hover the cursor on the option which reads “Change default printer when I change network”. By clicking on this option, your computer will select the default printer itself when the network is switched.

[4] While assigning a printer to a particular network, check whether the correct printer is being assigned. Then after when you change the network, the default printer option will display the printer name connected to that particular network.

[5] On successfully adding all printers to all the networks, make sure to verify that the settings you’ve changed correctly. After successful completion of the above procedure, test by printing a document on the network.

By performing above mentioned procedure, there will be no issues faced while printing a document.


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