LG V20: Top 5 features you need to know before buying


LG is all set to launch its upcoming flagship phones, the LG V20 at concurrent events in San Francisco on September 6, and in Seoul on September 7. It is a successor, to the brands multimedia centric popular device the LG V10. After a lukewarm response to the sales of company’s current flagship the LG G5, the brand is giving the V20 a much wider launch. So what are the major features present in this phone which will allow it to compete with other premium flagship devices, let’s have a look.

Android Nougat

Google and LG have both confirmed the LG V20 will be the first phone to launch on Android v7.0 (Nougat) right out of the box, instead of a Nexus device who have traditionally been the poster boys of new software build. Although the V20 would most probably feature a UI on the top, so user experience would be a little different compared to what will be provided in Nexus devices when they are launched. Despite that the V20 will have most of the Android v7.0 features.


Like its predecessor, this one too is a multimedia centric device, as the brand claims to provide the best audio and video experience in any smartphone. The device packs a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC (digital to analogue converter) that delivers a crisp and clear audio output that comes closest to a live performance whenever a compatible wired earphones are used. The audio has been developed by B&O Play, that has also worked in LG G5’s Hi-Fi Plus module. Users will also be provided  B&O Play earphones in the box. The LG V20 upgrades and extends its predecessor’s cutting-edge multimedia features even a step further, thereby setting a new standard for audiovisual experience provided in premium phones.

Dual Display

Similar to the LG V10, this device also sports an innovative dual display set up. It flaunts a 5.7-inch QHD IPS screen that acts as its primary display and also has a 2.1-inch always-on ribbon display on the top, that shows time, notifications and also provides quick access to your favorite apps.

Dual Camera

With regards to optics, like many other flagship phone launched recently, this device also comes with a dual lens setup on the back, comprising of a standard camera module and secondary wide angle module for multiple use case scenarios. Although it isn’t clear whether it will feature a dual camera setup on the front as well, but there is a big possibility it might as those were one of the defining features of the LG V10. The cameras will also be upgraded (at least in megapixel numbers) with a 20MP on the back and 8MP on the front compared to the 16MP and 5MP pairing on LG V10.

Modular Design

Like the LG G5, this device too might come with support for modules. As, from the looks of it, the smartphone seems to have a module release button on the right edge along with a removable chin that that would allow you to slot modules in, just like the G5.


Aside from all the latest and useful features mentioned above, the device boast of many other high end features generally desired in a flagship phone from a premium brand. It is expected to be unveiled with a Snapdragon 821 chipset, bundled with 4GB or 6GB RAM and will come in 32GB or 64GB variants. The handset is also expected to be feature a 4,000mAh battery with quick-charging capabilities. If budget is not an issue, than device will be one of the best option available for you.


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