Some Major Pitfalls to Tackle on Using Innovation Management Tools

Innovation management software and tools come with various functional features lately with a multi-focal approach to idea and innovation management. There is no doubt that organizations can highly benefit from these tools by streamlining the overall process of innovation management with technological tools, which can make the process much more effective and help the organizations to take the first to market advantage etc.

Getting a good innovation management tools with the most relevant updates for your exact business objectives and goals is the primary consideration, which we have discussed in the other articles in this series. Contributing further towards it, here we will discuss about some of major pitfalls you need to avoid while choosing and deployment the innovation management technology solutions.

By gathering inputs from the idea and innovation management experts, here we have also tried to delineate some possible solutions too on understanding the potential pitfalls.

  • Paying little attention to the employee perception

The problem: Each organization may be running a huge number of software platforms already. So, when you try to implement an innovation management software, the employees are simply going to take it as yet another platform. As a result of this mindset, only very few many participate in the innovation campaigns actively, which may take you nowhere.

The solution:  Always choose an innovation management software which can openly communicate and motivate the employees to participate in these campaigns. At the other end, also make sure that a transparency is maintained for them to see through the process. It is advisable to introduce a rewarding program too, which always need not have to financial.

  • Leaving Idea generation (ideation) as a stand-alone process

The problem: If you launch an ideation campaign by ensuring participation, you will get a large number of ideas in hand for sure. However, if you fail to keep this ideation process a part of an end-to-end process by incorporating other innovation management tools on a comprehensive innovation management platform, you can hardly take it forward. There is no point in generating ideas if you don’t have the provision to scrutinize them to take a selection/rejection decision and also to nurture the selectable ideas to an executable level to take its advantage.

The solution:  Ensure that you initiate an idea campaign which is the first phase of an end-to-end innovation management process. Communicate the completeness of the process well in advance with the participants to motivate them positively to contribute.

Along with the above two, you can also need to take care of some other general mistakes also people tend to make with innovation management tools as;

  • Focusing on just idea gathering than idea enrichment
  • Unsolicited ideation deviating from the actual business objectives and goals.
  • Taking a diversified approach, especially in multi-location environments rather than maintaining a single platform for all.


Successful selection and implementation of a complete innovation management program is far above the responsibility of simply choosing the tools. If one doesn’t pay enough attention to the above-mentioned pitfalls, there is a high chance that you will easily lose focus on running such an innovation management campaign, which will not only prove out to be a failure, but also sometimes can lead you through the wrong path.


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