Things You Can Do In Ios 11 That You Couldn’t Do Before

The new iOS 11 is finally out and is loaded with several features that users can enjoy. Here are 24 things that you can do with the new iOS 11:

  • Sync passwords, preferences, iCloud settings and more between two iOS 11 devices using the Automatic Setup Option.
  • Choose apps easily on the App Store with dedicated tabs, curated recommendations, lists and easy to follow guides.
  • You can translate phrases from Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and Italian using Siri.
  • From the General Menu in Settings, go to Accessibility and open the Siri menu. Choose the type to Siri to type your requests instead of speaking them out.
  • Use augmented reality to improve gaming experiences and explore different cities.
  • Use Live Photos option to create a boomerang effect or even a long exposure feel.
  • Choose from several filters, frames, and editing options in order to spruce up your pictures.
  • You can scan QR codes using your camera. Just turn the “Scan QR Codes” option on in the Camera menu from Settings.
  • The Apple Pay Messenger can detect an exact amount typed in the Messages app and make a payment to the receiver of the message using the Apple Pay app.
  • Access the one-handed typing option. Just hold the emoji key down and slide to choose the keyboard layout that you want.
  • Add scribbles and texts to your screen shots. Tap on the thumbnail on the bottom left corner of the screen to edit your screen shots.
  • Use features like Lane guidance and Indoor Maps for shopping malls and airports to get from point A to B faster.
  • Get news story suggestions from Siri based on the news that you have read before. You can also use the Spotlight tab to customize news updates.
  • Customize the Control Center. All you have to do is open the Control Center menu in Settings and choose Customize Controls.
  • Activate your Screen Recording Button in the Customize Controls menu to record your screen activity instantly.
  • Activate the “Do not disturb” option in Settings to let people know that you are driving with a text message, in case you miss a call or text from them.
  • See your notifications by swiping down. Then swipe a particular alert right to open it and left in order to clear it.
  • Get easier access to files with the simplified layout.
  • Use the QuickType keyboard on iPads to type faster and switch from numbers, letters, and symbols easily.
  • Scan, sign, and share your documents easily with the Document Scanner available for the iPad.
  • Use several new features on the Apple Pencil on the iPad to draw, annotate images, and take notes easily.
  • Enjoy better app switching and multitasking options with the drag and drop option available when you work in the split screen mode.
  • Use the iPad dock to launch apps, change window arrangement,and switch between apps.
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