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Tips to Consider before Checking Availability of Domain Name

These are just some of the ways in which you can find and define your perfect online identity. The bid is to be creative and add meaning to your domain name so you can leave a strong signal of your brand wherever you go – both online and offline!

Check out some tips regarding deciding your domain name before checking domain availability.

  1. Choose relevant extension

In fact, you can go further by completing the name of your site with a relevant domain extension. Correct domain extension can help you identify and establish your niche immediately. For example, someone in the retail industry may choose to be in a .STORE domain and those in the trading industry may use a .Co domain.

  1. Talk to your industry

This is one of the best ways to display your industry expertise in the domain name. Choose words that determine what you are or do, such as:

The domain name clearly shows what the business is. Using such keywords in your domain name can also help bring relevant traffic to your site. The , a domain name that connects Hollywood personalities with promotions of technology brands, is one such shining examples.

  1. Be geo-specific

Add the region where you work, mix it with the industry to which you belong, and you will have a winning domain!

If you are a web developer based in Canada, this name is suitable for your business. It will help you when you want to expand your business to other regions and want to have a separate domain name for each geographic region. The used this brilliantly strategy. They are a technology company that uses drones and are based in Mexico.

  1. Show your specialty

If there is something specific that you have specialized in, it makes sense to highlight this in your domain name. For example, if you are John and his specialty is Big Data, you can follow something like:

This is one of the most efficient ways to identify and sell your knowledge through your domain name. This strategy is most relevant for individuals who wish to create a strong positioning for them in a particular industry.

Beyond above tips, you can also add your own tips while choose domain name and then checking availability of domain name. There are many online tools to check availability of domain names. Check here a tool with better features.


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