TOP 5 features that iOS 10 borrowed from Android

The last presentation of Apple let us find out about the main details concerning the new version of the operating system for mobile devices. Surprisingly, but it seems now that the company from Cupertino is catching up.

As a part of the WWDC, Apple introduced a new version of the operating system for portable devices – iOS 10, which has already been dubbed as “the mother of all iOSs». However, it has borrowed some features from Andoird, which we would like to talk about. What’s more, we also suggest you check out the iPhone smart phone price, if you plan to get one.

The new UI of the lock screen

The lock screen in the new iOS gained the 3D Touch support, a new interface, and most importantly a fundamentally new scheme of work, which is already familiar to users of Android. For example, right now a swipe to the right sends a user to widgets. However, in the operating system from Google, this function has long been eliminated – probably because no one used it.

Raise to Wake – a continuouslyon display

A new feature for iOS, which should appear in the tenth version of the OS, is called Raise to Wake. It turns on a smartphone screen when you take it in your hands, eliminating the need to wake up a device using any buttons. It is a very useful feature for monitoring notifications, which has also been familiar to users of Android, since Lollipop.

Face Detection

The standard Photos app in the new version of iOS will learn how to recognize faces. Working on the same principle as Google Photos (now available on Android and iOS), Apple’s application will also identify objects in a picture, allowing you to search for a particular image. In addition, Apple Photos will use the new machine algorithms that will compile albums on their own. On the iPhone and iPad, users will be able to store photos on a server in source format without any restrictions.

The improved iMessage

This application is an example of almost the perfect messenger app. New features, such as extended capabilities with links, video sharing, a support for Emoji, a cancellation of messages, which have not been yet received by the addressee, and the handwritten messages support, give iMessage the opportunity to compete with any messenger apps. However, all of these newly features have already been announced by Google not to mention the third-party applications.

Uninstalling of standard applications

In iOS 10, the first beta testers have found the ability to remove some standard applications. Of course, iMessage and Phone cannot be removed. However, Notes, Mail and others can be completely erased from the firmware. Nevertheless, there are some pitfalls: if a standard application is removed in the new iOS, it is impossible to set another app as default. Let us hope that the approach will change after the official release of the system this fall. Google recently also reduced the number of mandatory non-removable applications.

So this is our list of TOP 5 features of IOS 10 that Apple borrowed from Google. In addition, if you are looking for a replacement of your current smartphone, we recommend you use the Kijiji tool to check Samsung phone prices, Apple iPhone prices and more.


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