Top Brands of Some of the Best Laptops

The market will never be in short supply of laptops as manufacturers; both big and small, compete for market share. With an estimated 400 million units sold worldwide each year, it is clear that consumers are really buying these devices at an alarming rate. However, are consumers getting the best laptops? Which are some of the best laptop manufacturers in the world? There are a number of great brand names that have already established their position at the top tier as the best laptops’ manufacturer.

Apple Inc. -Apple Inc. manufactures some of the best laptops with impressive performance and features. With such outstanding features and design, it is no wonder that the company’s laptops ranks among the most expensive as well. Hewlett-Packard- popularly known as HP, the company has many different types of laptops ranging from mini laptops to more expensive, high end models. It is also the best laptop brand with the most units sold. Lenovo- a Chinese company with a surprisingly large volume of sales. Dell- affordable and high performing brand from the US. The laptop brand boasts of great world wide sales for some of its best laptop lines. Sony and Samsung- these are from Japan and South Korea respectively. Samsung has greater market share, of the two, when it comes to total units sold per annum. They have some of the best laptops under $250.

Why do you need the Best Laptop?

It is important to ask yourself what purpose your new laptop will serve. With so many models available in the market, consumers are finding it hard to make informed decisions as they shop for the best laptop. What most people may not know is that there are some laptops which are better designed and made to perform specific tasks than others. If you want a laptop that can do a little bit of everything, then go for the best all-purpose laptop. If the purpose is mainly business; creation and manipulation of texts and spreadsheets, look for the best laptop with a good keyboard and which will be durable. Lastly, if you fall in the creative arts profession or you enjoy gaming, you need to a machine with a high screen resolution, a powerful processor and high quality speakers.

Important Specifications to Consider as you Shop for the Best Laptop

Laptops come with different features because they serve different purposes. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand a few basic specifications of your laptop. These are fairly easy to grasp and they are of utmost importance; so you need to consider them before you make your purchase.

Purchase Price

If you are shopping for the best laptop on a budget, it goes without saying that this will probably be the guiding factor. The best laptops don’t come cheap. If you are willing to spend a substantial amount of money on a laptop, look at it as an investment. With more money, you can get better performing laptops, you have a wider variety to choose from and you get to select your laptop from the very best brands with infinite features.


Display sizes are important especially for persons who want to use their laptop for gaming and graphics display. The most common laptop size is the 15-inch. If you buy one which is too big, say 18 inches, it may affect portability.


Four things are most important; OS, RAM, the processor and the Hard drive. On the barest minimum, don’t go for anything less than an i3 Intel Core, 4GB RAM, 320 GB on the hard drive.


Finally, don’t compromise on ergonomics. Even with the best specifications, an inefficient laptop with a bad touch pad and skimpy battery life is not worth it. Choose the best laptop, of course with consideration from the above.

Top Brands of Some of the Best Laptops

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