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Are you looking for the best method for unlocking your device, then you have come to the right place. We are at SafeUnlockCode will take a look at the available options for permanently releasing your phone from being locked.

Every day phone carriers are competing for your dollar as they release bigger, better, and cheaper plans for calls and data. Unfortunately, changing between carriers is not as easy as it should be. Most smartphones are subject to network or carrier blocks, and we are here to help you.

As you know, unlocking your device can be a risk-taking prospect because of all the horror stories out there. The truth is that using the wrong method can be risky if you follow the wrong advice. We have a large number of dead smart phones that have been brought to us after failed attempts using inferior or scammy methods. You may even know someone who has suffered this fate.

Even methods that seem legitimate on the surface can completely void your warranty, or result in exorbitant charges. Here are the best options to choose from:

Network Unlocking

Based on the research we have done and our own personal success, network unlocking is the only way to get a guaranteed, hassle free method of breaking the network lock on your smart phones. Every phone has a unique IMEI number and your carrier maintains a list of all IMEI numbers locked to it. Only by getting a code that removes your IMEI from the carriers list can you reliably unlock your phone.

Software Unlocking

A few years back, software unlocking went through a brief period where it worked as advertised. But as phones get more sophisticated, it simply cannot be trusted. It promises to change the phone’s software, negating the network block. Phone manufacturers and networks figured out this was happening a long time ago and have stopped any loopholes that this software was exploiting. The only software systems that remain on the market make promises they cannot deliver on, are a gateway for viruses, or are just outright scams.

Hardware Unlocking

Hardware unlocking involves taking your device to a dodgy, unofficial repair shop that will physically alter your phone’s hardware. The aim is to reroute the incoming calls to avoid the carrier block. This method is probably the worst possible method we have come across as it is expensive and has a high chance of failure. It is old school and its origins are rooted in the days before other options were available.

This may sound technical and fancy, but the reality is that having some unqualified backyard technician poke around inside your fragile device is risky. These operators have no accountability, no insurance, and no guarantees. If they destroy your phone, there is nothing you can do about it.

Not only will this method potentially cost you hundreds of dollars, it is unlikely to work on modern phones and you have a high chance of irreparably damaging your device. Do you really want to take risk? If now, why not contact us right today to unlock your phones safely?


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