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What Happens When Your Website Is Hacked?

In today’s world, businesses can be destroyed by a single hacker. All it takes is for that hacker to break into the company’s website and destroy files, take sensitive data, and leave dozens of viruses and other types of malware behind. But being hacked does more than just make you take your website offline temporarily. Here are some of the results of being hacked and what you can do about them.

It Destroys Your Website

The first and most obvious thing a hacker may do when breaking into your website is to vandalise it. You may have seen this happen to other businesses that have been hacked. The text, images, and other content on their sites may be changed or even completely deleted, leaving the sites in shambles. If you don’t have backups of your website and this occurs, you may have to completely rebuild it. This can take hours of work, especially if you had an e-commerce page featuring hundreds or even thousands of products.

It Damages Your Reputation

While the damage to your website is certainly horrible on its own, it’s also only the beginning. Being hacked damages your business’s reputation, causing you to lose customers and potentially destroying business partnerships that you had formed. In some cases, the vandalised site tells everyone what’s happened. In other cases, you may have to publicly announce the hack if there’s a chance that sensitive consumer information was stolen. Either way, your business comes off looking unprepared, unprotected, and unprofessional. This can result in customers going to your competitors and new customers choosing someone else.

It Threatens Your Search Engine Ranking

If the hacker leaves behind any viruses, phishing programs, or malware, your site may get blacklisted by search engines. This can result in a major loss of traffic, which translates into a loss of revenue. Even if you remove those malicious programs, your site may still be blacklisted. That’s when you turn to the professionals at These experts are able to remove your site from blacklists in addition to helping you clean up your site and preventing future hacks.

These malicious programs can also further damage your reputation if they go undetected and infect your customers’ computers. Make certain all of these programs are removed before you make your website live again.

It Can Leave You Vulnerable Again

When hackers attack a website, especially if they find information to steal, they will often create a backdoor that they can use later to quickly and easily enter your system. If you don’t clean up this coding, any future security that you put in place will do nothing to stop the hackers. This is why you want to have a professional thoroughly evaluate your website and the server it’s hosted on for malicious programs and code that should not be there. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter how hard you work to lock down your website. Hackers will simply use the backdoor they left themselves to bypass everything.


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