What to Consider When Buying a New Computer

When it is time to get a new computer for work or home, you have several choices. You can buy a computer from an electronics store, have your old computer updated, or get a custom-built system. Although it may be easier to buy a computer you see on sale, you could save some money and end up with a better system by considering all of your options.

Is a Replacement Necessary?

Before you commit to spending a few hundred dollars on a new desktop or laptop computer, you should determine if replacing your old system is necessary. If you are having hardware issues, such as overheating, or your system no longer turns on, and then there is no question that you need to buy a new computer. However, if your memory is running low or your hard drive is full, you may be able to add more memory or a second hard drive to your system instead of getting a brand new system.

Adding new computer components will usually be far less expensive than buying a new system, but if your operating system is outdated, then it may be less expensive to buy a new computer. Since a new computer will come with the latest version of Windows or the MAC operating system, a new system will probably be less expensive than buying the software to update your old computer.


What are Your Needs?

When considering your computer options, you will need to determine what applications you need on your computer. If it is strictly for entertainment, then having a speedy processor and ample hard drive space will be necessary if you are a gamer. However, if you are replacing a computer that you use for work, you may only need basic computer applications for creating spreadsheets and writing reports.

If this is the case, you won’t necessarily need a fast processor or a large hard drive, especially if you utilise your company’s cloud storage. Then, you can pull up your work on another computer or share it with your colleagues. While a gamer should consider buying a customised system, you can buy an inexpensive computer at a store to handle most business applications. You should consult with your company’s IT department before making any final decisions on a system you plan to use for work.

What is Your Budget?

Once you determine your needs and decide if your old system is salvageable, you should consider your budget when deciding on a new computer system. New computer systems have dropped in price, and you should be able to buy a new desktop or laptop for less than $600 AUD. A computer for gamers can cost quite a bit more, but a company that does computer repair in Perth may be able to custom-build a good gaming computer for $1,200 AUD or less.

If you are still uncertain about your needs, consult with a local computer company or a computer savvy friend and discuss your options with them.


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